Meet My Farm

Let me introduce you to the other animals on this little farm of mine. In total (besides the horses), I have 2 dogs, 2 goats, 1 mini donkey, 6 chickens, and 3 ducks! Scroll down below to learn a little about each one of them: 

Puppy #1: Pecos

Pecos will be a year old this May!!! I cannot believe where time went. But for those of you that are new, let me rewind a little.. Back when I moved to Texas, my brother and mom came down with me to help me move and settle in. Somehow, someway, my brother convinced my mom to let him get a puppy while we were down there (still don't know how he managed that). 2 years later, "Dixie" became the best family dog. Even when I moved back, her and I would spend so many nights cuddling and sleeping together. Going on runs and playing with cows lolol. Anyways! Long story short, my brother has a best friend that also has a heeler, who got a little too close when Dixie was in her heat. And so, long long story short, Dixie had a litter of 8 red and blue heelers. 
Pecos was the first born of that litter, and was mine and my boyfriend's pick. The best way I can even begin to explain our last year together is if you look at my highlight story of him on my Instagram (@hannahbethvirginia). He has grown up to be the most handsome dog. Some of his quirks: he loves resting his head on things. My leg, the couch, a chair, anything, he'll be laying his chin on it. Also, this boy has hops. It runs in their breed, I know, but his raw ability still amazes me to this day. 

Puppy #2: Zion

Surprise!!! We actually picked two from Dixie's litter! I'm assuming most of you know or knew that, but yes, I had to have my own girl. Out of all 8 puppies that Dixie had, only two of them were blue. And blue heelers have. my. heart. Zion was the 6th puppy of the litter and after she came out, I just had to. She is also quite the character and definitely has way more energy than Pecos! She's kind of a spaz, and has been that way since she figured out what jumping around really was. She also has this odd obsession with water (I say odd bc most heelers that I know aren't too down for water). I remember the first time she found a sprinkler, first time she saw a hose, first time she saw a lake! She went NUTS, over all of those things. She's the perfect little addition to our family, and her and Pecos light up my boyfriend and I's life. 


Goat #1: Dinosaur

It's funny, Dinosaur isn't too much older than the puppies! Born in March of 2018, I picked up Dinosaur along with his brothers when they were just 2 days old!! I did not know what I had gotten myself into, picking up 5 bottle baby goats! Talk about a lot of milk, a lot of beer bottles, and nipples flying everywhere! (that's what we used for a bottle and I 10/10 would recommend) A year later, Dino has become the macho man I thought he would. We didn't end up castrating him and it does show- and smell lol. Some of his quirks, he likes to pick fights with people and animals, including my donkey, but no one really puts up with his isshhh. He is super sweet though and such a funny part of our herd. P.S. my, at the time, 4 year old cousin named him and it just stuck!

Goat #2: Kevin

Surprise again!!! Kevin was also brought along as a bottle baby and is Dinosaur's "brother"! They are definitely not from the same mom, and probably not the same dad either. Kevin oddly looks a lot like Dinosaur but never grew any horns! Most people think he's a girl at first because of that, but I honestly have no idea why they didn't come for him. It's not odd for a boy goat to not have horns, but it is just weird to me that he looks so much like his brother and doesn't have any! Anyways, let me tell you, that does not stop the boy. Him and Dinosaur have full on battles, butting heads, and Kevin really holds his own!! He's definitely more of the kind boy though, and his favorite thing to do is lay down by the salt lick and lick it alllll day. P.S. he was also named by my little cousin lol. 

My Mini Donkey: Enchilada

I can't even tell you enough about this precious dime piece. Sometime in the fall of 2018, my boyfriend was approached by an older lady that had 3 mini donkeys that she needed to find a home for. She could no longer take care of them so, of course being the crazy animal girl that I am, I was all for it. Long story short, we brought all three mini donkeys home. 2 boys (one dad, one son) and the mom (that would be Enchilada). Neither of the males were gelded and they picked on Enchilada endlessly. Them two ended up finding a nice home on a ranch, and we ended up keeping Enchilada! Now, her and the goats are buddies and she knows she is mine, too. She is the perfect little addition, especially because she loves getting pampered by my little cousins. Talk about a funny addition to the herd. One of her quirks: good luck walking outside early in the morning without her yelling for her food! And good luck keeping anyone asleep in the process lol.

Chickens and Ducks:

Technically, these are my mom's project. But I guess you could consider me her "flock manager". Our chickens range from White Leghorns to Ameraucanas to Golden Sex Links, Barred Rock, and more! We raise them for eggs because God knows my family loves eggs. Personally, I'm pretty scared of chickens and just let them do their own thing lolol. The ducks on the other hand fascinate me. Their little pen is right next to my horses so it's fun watching them all day. We have two females, and one male! One of the females is much newer to us and definitely looks to be a different breed. I am much less scared of them for some reason.  
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