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Armita's Story:
We are so excited to have Armita as a part of our program! Armita is a 11 year old dun roan and is quite the stunner! I have been working with this mare since September of last year and have absolutely fallen for her (she's also very boyfriend safe so that is a huge plus!). Since then, I have started her in the all of the rodeo events, been on trail rides with her, gone through water, been to brandings, given lessons off of, and pretty much anything else I could use a horse for. She has the potential to make a really solid companion for anyone that wants a horse to trail ride on, work cows on, do trail trials, be a flag horse, etc. 
I feel really blessed to have this mare as a part of my program. Stay tuned to my Instagram (@hannahbethvirginia) for more updates on her and how her training is going! I also post about her progress frequently on my YouTube channel as well: 
For more information on this mare, or inquires, please leave me a message in the contact form on this website! Price: $5k
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