Full Flair Strips Review! Do they work?

Oh heyyy

Lately, I haven't been the most motivated to get blogs out. Mostly because I go in and out of creativity stages. For example, sometimes I get on a videoing kick and I love it, then it'll shift to writing, then to pictures, and then it'll pretty much bounce around between the two. Lately, writing just hasn't been my creative focus simply because it isn't motivating me... and if that's the case, I'd way rather put all my efforts into the things that do. ANYWAYS, with that said, why can't I post my videos on the blog??? Now we're thinkin (; 

Here's my latest video aka, the "Flair Strips Review"! It's been my major goal lately to provide valuable information and education to this industry because I know exactly how limited it really is! If you are curious about these strips, click the video and find out exactly what they are all about... 

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