Essential Equine First Aid Kit Items

What's up guys! For today's blog, I am going to be sharing some information that I have put together. I will first-hand say that I do not actually have all of these things myself, BUT I am working on doing so!! All this is, is a list of some essential items that should be in your farm/ranch/trailer first aid kit! I did some research and put together a decent little list that will help you get a great start in having what you need. I also had someone suggest bute as well, which isn't on the list but would be something that is important to have!! 

Here we goo...

1. Bandages & padding
2. Duct tape
3. Wound & eye cleaning products
4. Thermometer & stethoscope
5. Weight tape
6. Horse care tolls & equipment (such as a blanket and hoof pick- just in case)
7. Flashlight
8. Wire cutters
9. Zip ties
10. Multitool
11. Emergency phone list
12. Emergency transport plan 


Okay guys! I hope that you loved this list of suggestions! I am so happy to be sharing more horse lifestyle tips and tricks with you so that we can grow together! PS I hope you are having an awesome New Year!! 



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