Either you can't, or you KAHM (CBD)

hahahaha okay don't make fun of me for the title of this blog. I made it up in .2 seconds and I am strongly standing by it!! For those of you guys who may not know, I am officially a part of the 2020 Kahm CBD team! Our journey together started out from me wanting to just try their products out of pure desperation during Moonshine's season. She was having major nerve issues, as well as issues with stocking up!! So, I was referred to try Kahm CBD by NFR qualifier, Jackie Jaztlau!! Long story short, I have absolutely fallen for Kahm CBD and am so excited to now be able to represent them! Here is a list of my current favorite products by them (there is more that I am going to try out and let you know what I think, but for now, here are the ones that I have already bought and tried, and LOVED, myself). 

1) Kahm Hemp Pellets (Apple Flavored)- these are what I keep 
Moonshine on and am starting Legacy on for the 2020 season. This was what I was recommended to use and I saw results in Moonshine's nerves within 2 days. It was actually undeniable and it's awesome that it takes so little to make such a big difference.  https://kahmcbd.com/product/cbd-hemp-pellets-apple-flavor/

2) Kahm CBD Oil Tincture- get. this. and forget about any pre-race calming paste!! I have to also say that the main reason that I love Kahm, is because of how natural there product is. There's no artificial additives or chemicals that can cause long-term harm to my horses. This is literally a product that even humans can use and find major benefits from (CBD in general). Anyways, I gave Moonshine this oil as my last ditch effort to cure her nerves and the gate.... and she walked right in. Just like the pellets, the results were undeniable and I am now a die-hard for the oil!! https://kahmcbd.com/product/cbd-oil-horses-750mg/

3) Okay so this is another "essential item", in my opinion. I had mentioned earlier that Moonshine was having issues with stocking up in her stall. It makes her legs swollen and I would imagine extremely uncomfortable. I have tried poultice, epsom salts, and other liniments with little to no luck (meaning they work at first but don't cause any long-lasting relief). First of all, once I put this one Moonshine, she starts licking her lips after noticeably feeling the relief! Not only that, but the way her legs looked the next day made my jaw physically drop (mind you, this was all WAY before I was actually sponsored by them). I would highly suggest this liniment for pain relief, soreness, and just overall body relief for your horses. https://kahmcbd.com/product/liniment-gel-spray-400mg-nano-cbd/ 


Okay guys! I hope that you enjoyed these tips and are going to give them a try! If you're hesitant, just do it like I did: by the product just once to give it a solid shot, and if it doesn't work. Move on. That's exactly what I told myself, and you know, the rest is history. 

Talk to you soon!


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