DIY Stall Makeover!! Do Rubber Mats really work?

This is a blog that could change someone's life (maybe). Recently, I was blessed enough to be able to move my horses into a mare motel!! Their whole life, they have been strictly outside horses- just because I really didn't have the means for much different. Before, they were in 24 ft x 24 ft stalls that gave them lots of room for pretty much anything, including making a mess. I was SO excited to move them into a barn, even though having some sort of a hunch that the new, smaller stalls, were going to be a lot of upkeep. TBH I really had no idea.

Originally, I thought that it would be okay to not have to get rubber mats. Their stalls were filled with pretty nice dirt at the time, and I figured that would be just what the horses wanted!! After a while of keeping the horses in these stalls, and of being frustrated DAILY with how muddy and messy the horses were making them, I came to the conclusion that somethingggg had to be done. The other issue with dirt is that it's super easy to start creating an uneven stall. The mud sticks and there really is no way of efficiently sifting through the dirt.

Long story short, I made the decision to pull myself together and just go get some dang mats. and y'all. MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. This blog is a sign for anyone that has been contemplating getting rubber mats. I say dooooo itttt. They. Will. Change. Your. Life. I don't know, maybe I'm super late to the game, but I don't even care. I'm just happy to be here now. If you want to know where I got the mats and shavings from, I went ahead and put a link below for you!!! There's also an entire video on my IGTV (@hannahbethvirginia), that shows what it took for us to get them "installed"!! 

I will also be trying out the difference between shavings and pellet shavings for the stalls so stay tuned for that review <3 

xoxo HB 

Rubber Mats:


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