5 Tips to Keep Your Horses Healthy during Winter

What's up!!! For today's blog, I am sharing a post that I made on @hbbarrelracingplanners a while back about how to get your horses ready for winter! I figured this would be a great refresher for anyone that might be struggling this season (I feel you btw).

So without further-a-do: Here are my top 5 tips to get your horses ready and keep them healthy during winter:

1️⃣Stock up on hay! There’s nothing worse than having to go get your hay in the middle of winter. Use these next couple of months to save and stock up so that you have one less thing to worry about during the holidays

2️⃣ Evaluate your horse’s body fat condition! This is just a good habit to get into, but especially before wintertime. Being cold causes our horses to lose a lot of calories, so it’s important to make sure they are nice and insulated

3️⃣ Make a plan of attack for frozen water! There are many ways to go about this from water heaters to salt water gallons! Do some research and create your plan of attack before the ice starts to freeze over

4️⃣ Pull shoes and trim the hooves! Horseshoes and snow are not a good mix- the snow packs and builds up into the hoof, which can easily cause horses to roll an ankle, slip, over-extend, etc. My farrier is coming to pull shoes next month!

5️⃣ Increase your horse’s salt intake. This is just a quick and solid tip to make sure that our horses are drinking enough water during the cold weather


Okay guys! I hope that you liked this blog. If you want more regular tips, I like to post them on @hbbarrelracingplanners on Instagram!! See ya over there!


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