10 Random Facts about my OG Horse- Moonshine!

Hey guys! So, in honor of the barrel racing planners launching in 9 days (HB Barrel Racing Planners) and it being #WCW, I thought it would be fun to share some random facts about my one and only, my OG, my barrel horse, my pride, my Moonshine of course(;

Here's 10 facts about the queen herself!

#1 Moonshine's name from 0-3 was "Kat" before I swooped her and changed that real quick (I don't really believe in the bad luck thing lol).

#2 She is actually a registered APHA! Her mom was buckskin cutting bred barrel horse (by Doc Quixote), and her dad was a nice black and white paint cutting horse! & she's dark bay so I'm not really sure how that worked out.

#3 She used to have a horrible issue with pulling back on the hitching post. She literally broke through every single one of my halters/lead ropes (even the parachute line we bought specifically for her). AND THEN went on to break one side of the hitching post right in half- it's welded back together thanks to my brother. She's a little better now. 

#4 You will never find Moonshine more grumpy than when she is standing in the rain. Luckily she got a barn just a few months ago, so I think she is much happier

#5 Moonshine has tracked and been roped off of! She was actually a dirty quick little breakaway horse! My goal is to let her choose between barrels and breakaway here in the coming years! 

#6 3 years ago, as soon as we moved to Texas, she developed Purpura in her hind legs! Which, if not treated, could have cause all of the skin on her legs to literally peel off. Luckily I caught it in its early stages!

#7 Moonshine doesn't like apples or really any treats! She'd rather eat the hay all day ("and don't forget a side of grain pls")

#8 Moonshine also doesn't like boys. IDK why!! But her and my boyfriend do not get along at all. My brother also despises her! Both of them will fully admit that the only person she listens to is me, but I think she might just have an issue with men (;

#9 She was born on a cutting ranch in Montana! She later sold to a family in Fallon, NV, and then me! 

#10 Moonshine will be my children's go-to horse and the day that comes true will be the proudest and happiest moment of my entire life. I will be crying buckets for sure! 

I hope you guys liked these! Moonshine is such a little gem and it genuinely excites me to share her journey with you guys! 


Have a good day and I'll see you in the next blog (;

xoxo HB 

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